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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How To Sell Your Home Like A Pro.

Selling a home in the last few years has involved quite a bit of anxiety and anger for many of us. In 2005 a book "Freakonomics" publicized statistical evidence that when real estate agents sell their own homes they get a higher price by roughly 3% and keep them on the market 10 days longer than when selling a home for a client.

 The authors Steven D Levitt and Steven J Dubner make the suggestion that the agent doesn't care about the client because the effects on commissions are insignificant. Funny I have seen the opposite accusation that agents scratch and claw for every penny. I liked the book, however it fails to understand or even offer any details about why the agent might have such success with a property that is their own and simply assumes the worst. Do you want to know why?

used to be an real estate agents called Home
English: Not at home any more This used to be an estate agents called "Home". They were only here a couple of years, and now appear to have closed, presumably victims of the recession. The property used to be a hairdressers. What next? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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