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Friday, July 20, 2012

How to Get Your Blog Indexed In Google, Fast!

Browsing through the many sources in the internet right now, you might find that there are so many ways to index your blog in Google quickly.
And while most of these tell you to beat the ranking systems to immediately get your blog up on a high rank, know that these strategies are short-lived and will never stand for an extended period of time.
Getting a high rank in Google is all about thinking long-term. And although this might not equate to super fast results, it is actually possible to be indexed by Google quickly.
After making your blog, follow these simple ideas and you should see your website show up in search results in a day.
Search engine optimization best ways to generate traffic to blog
I have created the sitemap by myself with the program InfoRapid KnowledgeMap. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Submit your blog to Google
Before your blog can be indexed, you will have to submit it to Google first.
If made your blog in a free blogging platform, chances are that they have already submitted it to Google.
However, if you used a self-hosted platform, you will have to do this on your own.
This is just a 5-minute job that you can easily do with the use of Google Webmaster tools for verification.
Submit your blog sitemap to Google
You will also use the Google Webmaster tools website to submit your sitemap.
It may take some hours for the sitemaps to be optimized in your blog since it will have to be analyzed and added.
By the time that this is done, check into it to make sure that it has no errors, the number of indexed URLs, and the last time that Google visited.
Even without the sitemap, you can already see top searches for your website, incoming links to your website, and its optimized keywords.
Use social bookmarking
The use of social bookmarking services is a great way for you to generate links right away.
There are so many community bookmarking websites where you can submit your blog to.
Some of the most popular include Digg, Twitter, and StumbleUpon.
You just have to “favorite” your blog in these websites, encourage your friends and networks to do the same, and get the natural and powerful linkbacks that they can generate.
Post in forums
Put the link of your blog in your forum signature and post in as many forums as you possibly can.
While this can already pass a way of spamming, which is not a very good strategy, posting in relevant forums will greatly help to get links for your blog.
Google has shown to give priority to those websites that are generating links so you need to create as many as you can for your new blog.
Install SEO plugins
Search engine optimization is one of the best ways to generate traffic to your blog.
But when you are not focused on your SEO campaigns, it is very easy to be robbed of what would have been a great opportunity to quickly index your blog.
So it would be a great idea to download and utilize the SEO packs that are available in most blogs.
What are some of your ideas in getting started with setting up a blog? Share your thoughts in the comments below – we want to hear from you!
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