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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Can You Name the 6 Largest Conference Centers?

Editor’s note: Many of us have traveled, some of us extensively, for a conference, whether once a year or several times a year. We thought it would be interesting to have a list of the largest conference centers, and no surpirse, they all seem the be in the USA. Here’s Ben’s take on the worlds 6 largest conference centers…
By the way, if you can name the 6 largest conference centers, you probably need a vacation, yes?
This article is from guest blogger

Ben, hospitality industry, writer.

There are many lists, and sometimes actually conflicting or misleading, about the biggest conference centers.
One may say world’s biggest, but confines the list to those within the United States; others include the hotel space; while still others are circa some years back.
So here is one list without regard for ranking on whatever criteria…
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World Market Center : Las Vegas, Nevada USA
With a floor area of 6 million square feet in 3 buildings,
it hosts any number of shows, exhibitions, conferences, or conventions at any time,
with average attendance of around 222,000 people.
Planned to consist of 12 million square feet of floor space to complete in 2013, expansion plans are currently on hold due to financial constraints.

IX Center : Cleveland, Ohio USA
Formerly a factory for building airplanes, tanks and howitzers, the International Exposition Center has a
2.2-million square feet floor area including
a 1 million square feet of exhibition space.
It was constructed in 1942, and said to have
2 or perhaps 3 basement floors although it appears these are not open to the public.
The Center also features a 125-foot high indoor Ferris wheel,
said to be the tallest when it opened in 1992 during the Greater Cleveland Show.

McCormick Place : Chicago, Illinois USA
The center comprises of 4 buildings with a
total floor space of 2.6 million square feet,
1.2 million being in one level, making it
the largest single convention space in the USA.
The buildings are divided into
4 ballrooms,
a 4,249-seater theater plus 3 more for 300 persons each,
173 meeting rooms
totaling 700,000 sqft area, and
space for a seated assembly of 18,000 people.

Orange County Convention Center : Orlando, Florida USA
Located amidst a good number of hotels and built to answer the growing need for a convention center, the OCCC consists of
2 buildings with
a combined area of 2.1 million square feet convention space and
480,000 square feet of function area,
which together makes the center the second largest in the USA.
The buildings are connected by an open-air bridge
but you can easily get lost in the complex without a map as guide.

Las Vegas Convention Center : Las Vegas, Nevada USA
The center comprises of
3.2 million square feet including
2.18+ million square feet of meeting space that
can seat 2,000 people theater style,
144 meeting rooms with
total area of 241,000 square feet and
capacities ranging from 20 persons to 7,500 people, 1
6 exhibit halls (1.9+ million sqft) separated by removable walls, and
a lobby/registration area of 225,000 square feet.
The lobby can handle multiple registration set-ups for various meetings, conferences and conventions that may be simultaneously held in the Center.

Walter E. Washington Convention Center : Mount Vernon, Washington DC, USA
Rather smallish compared to others with
only 81,083 square meters (87,2770.148 ft²) of total function area,
65, 311 sqm (70,3001.753 ft²) exhibit space,
66 meeting rooms and
4,831 sqm (52,000 sqft) non-exhibit space.

It seems the largest conference centers are really mainly…

in the United States.

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