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Sunday, July 22, 2012

How Investors Can Profit From Property Market Anxiety

Spain's banking crisis ‘shattered confidence in southern Europe's property market during the last quarter’ (Economic Times, July 2012). This is the kind of headline that might put investors off property, however there are ways to profit from market anxiety according to
(PRWEB UK) 22 July 2012
Analysts at are keen to point out that the great thing about property investment is, that no matter what is happening to economies or about property in the news, there will always be an opportunity for an investor to make a wise investment.
The media of course loves the kinds of headlines that make property investors tremble.
Take the recent U.S Jobs report which despite showing that 80,000 more people were employed in June has led some commentators to say things like “it is not helping the housing market”
Even when employment is growing there will be those who suggest that employment is not growing fast enough…
Yet the increase in employment was only 15,000 or so below Wall Street analyst expectations which is hardly cause for alarm or to question the effect on the U.S property market.
It also missed the point that this was a rise rather than a fall. In the current climate, headlines like these will be gobbled up and shared widely, therefore increasing negative sentiment.
Investment Property (built 1909) at 201-213 Southeast 12th Avenue in Portland, Oregon, United States
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Yet soon it will be more fashionable to write good headlines like rising prices can’t keep up with rent increases.
The above headline actually featured on a well-knownUSA property portal only recently.
The reality is, there has really been little movement either way in economies to really trouble property markets one way or another – particularly in the U.S. according to analysts at
Loxley McKenzie, Managing Director of Colordarcy commented, “In the U.S right now, the Miami property market is, dare we say it, booming. Rents are up and so are prices. This is actually a good time to get that surfboard out and ride the next wave of growth where an investor can get the benefit of high capital growth and prices still valued well below their peak at the end of the last growth cycle.
It has to be said, the – there is not so much bad news out there at the moment to worry investors in U.S property”
However before they disappear for a while, it is important that investors are able to take advantage of the short window of opportunity that lies between negative sentiment reaching its peak, before recovery brings the rise of market positivity say analysts at
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