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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Free Kindle EBook on How To Make Money in Real Estate from Home in Foreclosures Offered to Beginners

Denver, CO, September 10, 2012
The book, 'How To Make Money in Real Estate from Home - Foreclosure Investing for Dummies and Beginners: Step 1 The Amazing Real Estate Revolution,' is available now in Amazon's Kindle Store, and to celebrate its release, is FREE for the next 5 days.

'How to Make Money in Real Estate' and 'Foreclosure Investing' is a subject matter of the author's first book focused on novices seeking to make money online, or make money from home, by becoming a foreclosure real estate investor using their laptop. It shows people how easy it can be to achieve success online with the right formula, the right approach, rolodex, and market.

How To Make Money in Real Estate from Home in Foreclosures - pic Bangalore Properties - Real Estate India - Vaswani Bella Vista
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Written by Chris Jenkins, an online real estate investor and trainer, the eBook describes how to get started making money in foreclosure real estate with its quick cash generation strategies, by primarily using a laptop and wireless connection.

Readers of the first in his series on 'How To Make Money in Real Estate from Home', are thrilled to discover that even in today's day and age, to become a real estate investor you do not need to worry about your credit scores or actually using your own cash. As Jenkins puts it, 'To make money in real estate and become a foreclosure investor, you really need to locate the deal and follow the right plan to make thousands -- or tens of thousands in cash -- from the deal without even closing on it.'

This is just one of several basic techniques Jenkins teaches beginners on how to make money in property deals quickly. He is not a believer in overwhelming readers with hundreds of pages of text.

'It's relatively simple – find a deal, evaluate it, flip it, and deposit your checks, then repeat the process.' With record foreclosure rates forecast for the next several years, and more all cash investors flocking to scoop up these properties, he sees the time as 'right' for new investors to get into the market and work with all cash investors to make money. His hope for beginning investors is they will eventually grow from generating cash profits in real estate, to building their own multi million-dollar real estate empire over time.

The 'How To Make Money in Real Estate Investing' eBook provides multiple bonuses for its readers to help them start their home based real estate investment business with a plan where Jenkins hopes readers will make at least $3,000.00 profit or more within 25 days. Included are several select online resources, a Rolodex of Investors looking to buy Foreclosure real estate, a free real estate investor website where someone else will customize for you if you wish, and a 10-Step Action plan for beginners to start following and flipping their first real estate deal to make money fast.

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