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Friday, August 31, 2012

How To Find Quality Tenants – Fast!

As a property owner, you’ve got a lot on your plate when renting out your place – the last worry you need is a poor tenant. Even if you’re the best judge of character and typically have a great rapport with your tenants, it’s possible for a “bad egg” to slip in every now and then.

The Rent Rite Directory is a great tool to help you weed out the so-called “wheat from the chaff”.

According to the company, the nationwide Rent Rite Directory (RRD) is “an easy and fast way to confirm whether or not someone is going to be a quality tenant.

“When you join the Rent Rite Directory’s FREE Incident Reporting community, you are joining a network of like-minded Property Owners, Managers, and Landlords who understand the value in saving time and money while preserving their peace-of-mind, and improving their local neighborhoods.”

Hotlets offer services to both landlords letting, and tenants looking for, property
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Information that is provided to users is drawn from credit reports, criminal background checks and of course the incident reporting database and provides information on things such as:

Criminal Activities
Non-Payment of Rent
Proxy Renters
Other lease violations
Other services provided include:

Tenant screening
Fast results – Information is compiled electronically, and delivered within just a few seconds of submitting the application.
Detailed reports – More detailed information than other tenant screening services, and you can customize your report – paying only for the information you want. Select from the following options when putting together the report you need:

FICO score
Bankruptcy report
Equifax credit report
TransUnion credit report
Sex offender search
Criminal background check
SSN validation
OFAX Patriot Act search
ID mismatch alert
Neighborhood/Community Email Alert System

Receive email alerts when on-property crime is reported and/or suspicious activity in the area has taken place. In some states it’s possible to receive Amber and Silver Alerts as well.


Electronic signing of leases possible through DocuSign technology

Auto Approved Tenant Screening

Available to individual owners, landlords and even real estate agents (1-20 units), it’s possible to obtain a lease recommendation on prospective tenants in an easy “PASS”, “FAIL” or “PASS with Conditions” format, saving property managers time and money.

RRD recommends that the tenant be present when being screened. All information is retrieved in a manner compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and does not violate a tenant’s rights as spelled out in current law.

For more information, check out RRD’s website at

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