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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

For Savvy Investors, Here’s Good News On US Real Estate Investment

Out of ignorance or fear of the unknown or both, many Nigerian investors don’t tap into the opportunities offered by foreign property market where, interestingly, the market is better structured than what we have down here.

Little or nothing do such investors know that in the United States of America, for instance, there are homes selling at 50 percent below market price from which they can earns at least 20 percent rental income per annum.

International Property Consortium (IPC), an international property investment company, which gave this in Lagos recently, adds that the US market also harbours homes that double in value in three years.

The company, which has offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Abuja, says they are out to identify the best global investment opportunities and package investments to create wealth for their customers, adding that with an in depth understanding of the investment interest of Nigerians, they tailor unrivalled real estate investment solutions for smart investors in the best real estate markets in the world.

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According to Wuraola Akinola, IPC’s administrative assistant, the company has an unrivalled network of real estate professionals as well as a team of analysts on ground in the USA and around the world, ensuring their clients not only get the best homes on the market, but also the best after sales service to ensure a hassle-free investment.

“From our years of experience and comprehensive due diligence process, we are able to pre-select properties in only the areas that offer the best promise for return on investment.

“Our team handles every step of your investment, from purchase to property management, and legal to taxation so you can be rest assured that you will have a lifetime of transparent, reliable and secure investment in the world’s most lucrative property market.

The majority of our clients purchase several properties over the period of their investment, and it is for this reason that we build our operation on trust, relationships and the success of our client’s investments,” he assures.

In an answer to why investors and home seekers should invest or buy in US, Akinola explains that houses are cheap at the moment because of the global financial crisis, purchase process is simple and safe; US rental market remains vibrant and profitable, and US properties are now rising in value at moderate pace.

He reveals that the main requirement to buy US real estate is cash, if the buyer wants to buy through their company. “If you want to do it yourself, you need to engage the services of an agent, an attorney, and a tax accountant. If the house needs repairs, you will need to engage the services of a repair contractor. If you want to rent out the property, you will need to engage the services of a property manager. IPC has all these professionals under its umbrella, so that all you need to buy a US property is just cash,” he emphasises.

He advises that it is better and easier to pay cash because financing options are not so many for non-resident foreigners in US, adding that financial institutions in the US hardly give out loans to foreigners except they are resident in the US and have a good job and a great credit rating.

“There are some financing options that could be explored but they come with strict conditions. If you are purchasing a house for investment, you’d in all probability meet stricter terms. Since the homes are cheap, we advise our clients to pay cash,” he says.

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