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Saturday, September 15, 2012 Explodes to the #1 Rated Real Estate Podcast in iTunes with Over 120,000 Downloads a Month ( managed to secure top rankings in the podcast world lately, fetching #1 rated real estate podcast in iTunes. The podcast has become massively popular among those already investing in real estate as well as those aspiring to enter the real estate investing arena. The podcast receives an astounding 120,000 downloads per month and has drawn 195 five-star reviews from listeners present in 149 different countries all over the world. The detailed step-by-step education as well as Sean’s ability to inspire and motivate listeners is the two main factors that have contributed to this recent boost in Flip2Freedom’s podcast rankings.

(PRWEB) September 14, 2012

Flip2Freedom’s real estate iTunes podcast receives thousands of downloads each day from listeners all over the globe, with the numbers still growing. The regular live coaching sessions encompassing everything - from structuring real estate deals and tips on generating quick cash to the skills necessary to build a multi-million dollar a year real estate business - have become an instant with those seeking to venture into real estate.

#1 Rated Real Estate Podcast in iTunes with Over 120,000 Downloads a Month Kolkata Properties - Unitech Cascades
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“In our community we believe you can enjoy something more. Your life does not have to be subject to your job. Here we say that the greatest risk is to live a life that doesn’t fulfill you and that true security is found in a business that provides for the lifestyle that YOU choose, not that your job dictates for you. As a part of Flip2Freedom, you’ll find true freedom and fulfillment without fighting your way up the corporate ladder and without falling victim to a business that rules every waking hour of your life,” says Mr. Sean Terry, CEO of Flip2Freedom.

The positive response of viewers seems encouraging, pointing towards the fact that Flip2Freedom’s success formula is quite effective. Listeners have reported to feel a boost in confidence by listening to the motivational coaching sessions and gain a lot of useful information through these episodes. The quality of information provided in the podcast is what purportedly makes Flip2Freedom different from other real estate podcast, and is the main reason it has managed to attract such a wide range of audience.

About is a real estate investment company dedicated to help and advise clients in flipping properties for turning up a substantial profit. Started in March 2010 by Mr. Sean Terry, Flip2Freedom aims to provide ‘freedom’ to professionals from their regular jobs by promising them their desired lifestyle not only in financial terms, but also the freedom to go along with their passions. The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Podcast systematically guides you on how to profit from flipping properties without cash or credit, or even prior experience in this field. The podcast is also available in the form of regular episodes that can be found on the company’s website or streamed or downloaded in iTunes.

For more information on wholesaling houses and to discover how you can benefit from Flip2Freedom’s podcast, please visit and download Sean’s 129 page book on How to Quit Your Job in 19 Weeks or Less which is currently the #1 raked real estate book in Amazon.

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