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Friday, September 14, 2012

Real Estate Contacts, Inc. To Launch Video Channel

Real Estate Contacts, Inc. has just announced their company’s development of a National Online Real Estate Video Channel. A video platform for Real Estate pros is not something new, but this company’s variant does look interesting.

Real Estate Contacts, Inc. operates several online portals for real estate agents,, the press concerning this new video channel speaks of connecting agents and potential buyers in specific or targeted geographic areas.

Slated to feature videos, slide shows, and tours of properties, the new media channel is slated to go live soon, according to the news. Robert DeAngelis, CEO & President of Real Estate Contacts, Inc., offers this about the upcoming development:
Real Estate Video Channel
“Our business is on a very good trajectory, and we think there’s significant growth in the company over the next few years. Being one of our affiliates, real estate professionals will have their own real estate video channel that will have a powerful way for them to differentiate themselves from other agents online, and can even help them to secure more listings.”

DeAngelis goes on to discuss video marketing as the most viable channel for his company’s affiliates and partners in the coming months. Of particular note for this writer, if DeAngelis’ social media engagement is an indicator the new Realtor channel may be a bit one sided. 13,000 plus Twitter followers, many of whom are not real, shows Internet engagement of a kind. Similarly, 4,000 likes with only 3 people discussing, and a steep slope of the “likes” curve with no major press campaign, this is not a two way social engagement. Not in my view.

Video is a vital component of any muti-channel business engagement online. However, people interested in using video for the purposes of growing their business should be appraised, good media is expensive to produce and there are no guarantees (unless you buy them) that your target market will ever be reached. For a channel to be viable it takes a massive influx of traffic, combined with other marketing and ad elements. Companies like and channels like, along with dozens of others, may offer suitable solutions for your endeavors too.

As always, we suggest readers do their homework and due diligence before adapting any ad, marketing, or PR plan of action. We leave you with video hosted both on YouTube and the Canada Real Estate Channel mentioned above. It’s from Condo One Property Management.

By by Phil Butler - 13 September 2012
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