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Friday, June 15, 2012

The Worlds Most Expensive Kitchen

Ladies and gentlemen, the most absurdly luxurious concept the Kitchen and Bath Channel has ever laid eyes upon is finally here…
The images featured below are of the one and only Colosseo Oro, the world’s most expensive kitchen. The Colosseo Ora is made exclusively by Marazzi Designs, as a limited edition for 10 consumers. You can be one of them for a whopping $450,000 bucks!!

When questioned about the exorbitantly expensive creation, a Marazzi Design representative responds by stating , “The target market is confident social food lovers in the top end of the market who like to entertain and make a statement.”  In other words, an individual that finds it only appropriate to host in a kitchen space that includes crocodile embossed leather, a 24 carat gold leafing finishing, metallic gloss Sub-Zero & Wolf appliances, Venetian ink-stained gold glass, Swarovski crystal lights, and a kitchen surface finishing with a minimum of 12 coats of clear lacquer – for extra shine and glam!

Some of the general public have responded to Marazzi’s design with contempt, bashing it for the over-the-top materials and claiming the concept is “tasteless,” unnecessary, and impractical for children. However, I strongly support Paul Marazzi’s vision and intent for kitchen design, as he professes his beliefs in the following quote, “I feel a kitchen should have a soul and presence, transforming the room into an emotional experience, a celebration of family life and convivial living, transcending the kitchen into the heart and soul of the home.” This well-spoken sentiment is strongly shared and embraced by many of us here at the Kitchen and Bath Channel who strive to achieve such value through style, design, and class.
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