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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Real Estate Investing Revolutionized by New Real Estate Investor Website Designs and Features

A real estate investing company and real estate investor website development firm, has released more designs for their websites and added more interactive features to convert more visitors to closed deals.

Real estate investors now have more designs to choose from, and more interactive squeeze pages that are also integrated with pre-loaded follow-up autoresponder messages.

The ultimate goal is for the websites to attract more visitors, and automatically follow up with them to convert them to closed deals.

The new squeeze pages come complete with their own life-like speaking models to command instant attention, increase believability and boost conversion rates. Once a visitor opts in on the squeeze pages, the website automatically delivers fully personalized E-books helpful to the visitors, created to convince them to provide full information.

The website then continues to automatically follow up with the prospects increasing conversion.

Being well optimized for search engines, the websites actively attract visitors, especially targeting the local market right where they do business.

All designs come pre-loaded into the websites when they are delivered, so that real estate investors can change designs any time they want with a single click of a button.

Each website can be fully personalized and branded to suit individual real estate investing needs.

Most real estate investors are not polished internet marketers. The websites are therefore created with their own in-built marketing features integrated so that anyone can use them for marketing purposes.

All features are controlled from a simple virtual back office. The front end is free of any maintenance. Each website is delivered fully customized and adapted to suit individual needs, pre-loaded with all the necessary content.

A real estate investor can order a website and have it delivered ready for business within one hour.

Ultimately, each website is delivered to attract leads, automatically follow up with them and convert them to successful real estate transactions.

For more information please visit or call 214-227-8718.
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