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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Most Expensive Real Estate: Chicago 2012 Listings That Broke The Bank (PHOTOS)

It was a down year in many real estate markets, but in 2012, Chicago had more than a few listings that were sky high.

While the median home price in Chicago (as of October 2012) was $185,000 according to, the most expensive listing of last year topped out at $32 million for a palatial penthouse in Trump Tower—also known as the building's entire 89th floor. The listing is said to be the city's priciest real estate listing ever.

Several more budget-busting pads at roughly half the asking rate of the Trump Tower penthouse sold in 2012, while the average price of the most expensive homes in Chicago hovered around $10 million. said overall, U.S. for-sale housing inventory is down, but asking prices are dwindling, too.

The number of for-sale units — the inventory of American homes that includes single family homes, condos, townhomes and co-ops — was at a historically low level as of October 2012. According to, 1.76 million units remained on the market as of October 2012.

Read below to peek inside a selection of the 15 priciest real estate listings in Chicago in 2012, along with their initial, peak listing price.

1. 401 North Wabash Avenue Penthouse

2.159 East Walton Street

3.1508 North State Parkway

4.1508 North State Parkway (additional view)

5.503 West Wrightwood Avenue

6.401 North Wabash Avenue Unit: 87A

7.401 North Wabash Avenue Unit: 87A (additional view)

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