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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Amazon and Florida Real Estate Broker Offer Free Book on Selling Your House Fast Available for Five Days Only

Whenever you shop on the Internet, it is amazing just how many items you can find for free. Using the "Free Model," Amazon and a Florida real estate broker are offering a free copy of a book on how to use available resources to sell your house faster in the current down market, but you only have five days to take advantage of this special offer.

Dunedin, FL (PRWEB) September 21, 2012

Amazon and Advanced Realty Team, Inc. will hold a special promotion for homeowners who need to sell a house fast, providing then with a free copy of “How to Sell Your House Fast to the We Buy Houses Guys without Being Eaten Alive,” it was announced yesterday.

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The book, which is available in the Kindle format, was written by George Beardsley, President and Broker of Advanced Realty Team, Dunedin, FL., and one of the professional home buyers for two decades.

Asking someone who buys houses as a vocation what to look out for is sort of like asking a hacker how to keep your computer safe,” he said. “Lots of the professional home buyers bring a lot to the table for the homeowner who needs to get out fast,” he said, “but like any profession there are people to avoid.”

Beardsley conceded a book you can read in an hour is not the definitive answer to every question a potential home seller may come across. “But, one hour could save thousands of dollars and maybe even more important time and the assurance that the home will really sell.”

“A lot of guys in this business say they are going to buy, but they are really trying to get an option on the house and sell it to someone else,” he said. If they find a buyer, Fabulous! If not, the professional buyer has lost noting and the home ower has lost time to market the home.”

Optioning out a house is not necessarily bad, as long as everyone knows that is what s going on, he said. “We will option a house too, but it is important to make sure the seller knows the details fulls and is fully on board with the method of operations.”

The most important thing the professional can add to marketing effort is to provide viable options which can be used to sell a house fast in the current market. “The first time we had to sell a house fast was nearly 30 years ago and there was a plan to build a garbage-burning incinerator near my subdivision and no houses were selling.

Fortunately there was a Realtor(r) who specialized in that neighborhood who also knew some creative answers and it worked so well, that my wife and I left the stock brokerage business and started buying and selling houses instead shares of stock,” Beardsley said.

“Back then there were no books at any price on the creative ways to sell a house. This information is important in the current depressed market and now, from Saturday until the following Wednesday it will be free at Amazon’s Kindle.

For a copy of the Free book, Follow this link!

“Of course there will be questions that are not answered,” he said “and you can check out this website for more information.”

Advanced Realty Team is a creative real estate investment and brokerage company that specializes in looking for answers as to how you can sell your house, not looking for reasons why it will not sell. They are located in Dunedin, FL and have been in business in Tampa Bay real estate for two decades and still are buying house in the current market.

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